This is a collaboration project in which teachers and future teachers decided to research, trace, and report on the history/evolution of kindergarten and compare the United States kindergarten expectations with Germany. 

We chose Germany because it is where kindergarten began.  However, we were unable to find recent information about the progression of kindergarten in Germany so we decided to compare the kindergartens in Japan and China to the United States.

There have been numerous changes in kindergarten education in the United States from it’s inception to the present. 
One hundred and twenty-five years have passed since kindergarten was introduced into the United States. 

The first kindergartens were based upon the philosophy and pedagogy of Friedrich Froebel.  Kindergartens of that era reflected both the spirit and the letter of Froebel’s writing.  The first major changes modified kindergarten practice to make it more consistent with principles derived from progressive education and from the emergence of child development.  During this time kindergartens slowly became integrated into the American public school system. 

Kindergarten education is almost accepted universally and recognized as a legitimate part of public school.